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Driver education and training are important to learning many special skills required to safely operate a commercial vehicle. Delivery of the training in a supervised environment helps entry- level drivers to develop the confidence and skills to operate commercial vehicles on public roadways.

The purpose of our courses is to provide individuals seeking to obtain a Class 2 driver’s licence and S-endorsement with the basic driving skill procedures. The course reinforces driving theory, skills practice and promotion of positive driving attitudes.

The curriculum is expected to assist entry-level bus drivers to develop safe driving skills, knowledge and be aware of their duties. The curriculum discusses minimum content and creates the foundation for safe driving skills. Continued on-the-job training and supervision by an experienced professional driver will assist drivers in developing advanced driving skills after successful completion of this course.

Courses have both classroom and practical components that will be delivered through both classroom and hands-on training.

Daily instruction should not exceed eight hours. Combination of different training components may be incorporated within the eight hours.

All participants are encouraged to become familiar with the course content, take notes, and ask questions.

Prior to taking this course, participants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age, and
  • Hold an Alberta non-probationary driver’s licence

Below is a price breakdown of individual courses, hours per course may vary:

  • $450.00 - "S" Endorsement Training
  • $2800.00 - 2S Training

Course Breakdown

Classroom Session
In-class refers to the classroom environment. Learning in this environment is supported by instructional aids to facilitate large training sessions. This component of training must be conducted in a classroom approved by Alberta Transportation. All activities performed must be supervised by a licensed instructor.

Hands-on Session
Hands-on refers to activities that occur around the vehicle when the vehicle is moving and stationary, such as vehicle inspection. This is conducted outside the classroom, in an approved area where the vehicle is parked. All activities performed must be supervised by a licensed Driving Instructor.

Trainees will also learn to be behind-the-wheel either in-yard or on-road. This includes backing. All activities performed must be supervised by a licensed Driving Instructor.

Note: It is strongly recommended for participants to complete a successful medical assessment through a physician or nurse practitioner prior to participating in the course. Medical forms are available from a registry agent, a doctor, or a nurse practitioner.